-150 Blocks of water catcher of cell type -150 are the sequence of corrugated ABS/RK sheets of sinusoidal shape, which are tightly interconnected with each other and form closed cells.  These cells force the droplets captured by the air flow to change direction abruptly three times. This change of air flow direction causes a centrifugal force, by which the drops are caught due to the inertial collision with the walls of the cell, thus water droplets are removed from air flow.

Counter-flow water catchers of cell type -150 is specially designed for use in cooling towers, evaporative cooling systems, intake as well as gas purifiers, providing the most effective capture of drops. Taking into account the value of droplet entrainment of 0.001%, confirmed by the results of performance tests conducted according to the standard CTI 140 (the industry standard for testing of cooling tower water catchers), the use of multilevel water catchers with large aerodynamic resistance to achieve high efficient collection capture is no longer needed.

Peculiarities and advantages

  • special design in the form of Venturi (on the right) increases the speed of the outgoing air flow, allowing to remove smaller drops of water;
  • interval  of 38.1 mm between the grooves provides effective capture of droplets (with minimal pressure loss) in cooling towers with natural draught;
  • special assembling technology ensures the obtainment of glueless environmentally friendly blocks;
  • the possibility of trimming on site to ensure a firm adherence to the columns and other structures without violation of a structural integrity;
  • all blocks of water catcher of cell type are fitted together with adjacent blocks, forming a continuous contiguity of the elements;
  • heavy-duty blocks of -150 is reliable enough to ensure overlap of the width of 1.8 m with less number of supporting beams and air pockets;
  • the design of cell type provides a combination of high efficiency and economic profitability.

Overall view of water catcher -150

Overall view of water catcher -150

Characteristics of water catcher

Weight of the cell Droplet entrainment Dimensions of standard blocks(Length, weight, height), mm Nominal thickness of sheet Maximal structure spacing Weight in dry state
38,1 mm 0,001% 2400x305x133 0,38 mm 1,2 m 4,9 kg/m2

Standard  block of water catcher -150

Standard  block of water catcher -150


Aerodynamic resistance of water catcher -150

Aerodynamic resistance of water catcher -150

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