Seal of cooling towers

HEATLOK SOY - is a two component firm polyurethane foam. It is designed for all applications of insulation. The foam has excellent adhesion to various substrates, including itself.


HEATLOK SOY - is foam, which is harmless for environment, based on soy, vegetable oils and recycled plastic, eco-friendly foam maker HFC 245 fa. Test of characteristics of the sprayed material B217-0 Resin Heatlok is made in accordance with the requirements of ASTM.


METHOD DESCRIBTION British units Metric units
ASTM D1622 Density 2.1-2.3 Ib/ft3 50 kg/m3
ASTM C518 Thermal resistance 6,6 ft2 h F/BTU 1.17 m2. C/w
ASTM D1621 Compression resistance 28.3 psi 144 kPa
ASTM D1623 Breaking strength 51.5 psi 355 kPa
ASTM D2126 Dimensional stability (28 days) At -20 C At +80 At + 70 , humidity 97% % volumetric change - 0.03 + 2.9 + 9.8
ASTM D2842 Water absorption 1 %
ASTM E96 Permeability for water vapor 1.2 perms 69ng/PasmI
CCMC 07273 Air penetration at 75 Pa 13.1*10-8 fti/sftI 0.00004 L/smI
ASTM E84-05 Characteristics of surface combustion ClassI
Flame spread index 20
Smoke generation 450
CAN/ULC S774 Emission of VOC foamed polyurethane Pass 1 day (no toxic gases)
ASTM C1338 Resistance to fungus Growth of fungus is not observed
ASTM D2856 Contents of closed cell 92%


Color brown green
Viscosity at 77 F 150-250 cps 150-350 cps
Specific weight 1.20-1.24 1.20-1.24
shelf life * 6 month 6 month
Mix of proportion 100 100
Vapor pressure at 25 10-7 psi 7-9 psi


British units Metric units
Machine type Graco Reactor E-30 with Fusion Gun and 02 Mixing chamber
Temperature of components ( and ) 100 F 38 C
Pressure of components ( and ) 850-1000 psi 5860-6900 kPa
Environmental temperature 73 F 23 C
Thickness in one pass 1 1/14 inches 30 mm
Number of passes 2
Base Polythene film


Creamy consistency state, seconds Jelly consistency state, seconds Time of free sticking, sec Completion of increase volume, seconds
0-1 2 4-5 4


British units Metric units
Mix of proportions 1/1
Temperature in sleeve 100-120 F 38-49 C
Addition of mixture 800 psi 5516 kPa
Temperature of the base and environment 14 F -10 C
Curing temperature 14 F -10 C
Maximal Thickness in one pass 2 inch 50 mm

Seal of cooling towers


Seal of cooling towersSeal of cooling towers











Seal of cooling towers


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