Cooling towers in Ukraine

Cooling towers in UkraineThe cooling tower is a device, which by means of the air flow cools the large volumes of water. In Ukraine the cooling towers are used at TPP, TEPP, SDPP, NPP for cooling of heat exchange devices in the systems of water supply of recycling type.

Today cooling towers in Ukraine are presented in fairly wide range of different types, which may vary by principle of irrigation and natural air feed, and also can by different depending on the direction of the flow of water and air. The general principle of operation of the device is characterized as follows: the hot water enters the cooling tower, where coming into contact with air, is cooled and then fed back for further cooling of the technological equipment or heat exchange devices.

The air feed can be done in several ways, depending on which, the cooling towers in Ukraine can be the type of fan, chimney, ejection or open (atmospheric).

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Each type of the cooling tower has its advantages and possible disadvantages, so before making the choice of the best option there should be a preliminary study of the properties of each type. For example, the fan and the ejection cooling towers provide high quality and speed of the cooling of water in Ukraine; however, they require considerable power consumption. The chimney-type devices require less energy, but they cool slowly. To reduce the power consumption to the absolute minimum, you can use the open cooling towers, but you will have to put up with the slow cooling of the water and the rather large size of the device.

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