The technology of cooling tower

The technology of cooling towerThe cooling tower is a device designed to cool service water, which is used for various manufacturing processes in industrial facilities. The process of water cooling with the help of technology of cooling tower is in vaporization of the water that flows in the form of condensate and enters again to the distribution pipe by the air, which is in device. The portion of water that has not evaporated is cooled to the desired temperature by the same air.

The technology of cooling tower, whose history goes back for more than a decade, has found the most widespread use at TPP, TEPP, SDPP. Also the cooling towers are necessary at the enterprises, where cooled water is used in the technological cycles to obtain the final product (petrochemicals, dairy, chemical processes, etc.).

The cooling tower technology is needed when near the industrial facility are no natural cooling sources, such as rivers, ponds, lakes.

The company BROTEP - ECO specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of various types of cooling towers. In addition, the company carries out the calculation and maintenance of cooling towers, selects the optimal technology of cooling towers depending on the region together with the customer, the technological requirements of production and energy-saving considerations. With extensive experience in the field of water recycling, we can always advise each client the most effective solution for a particular enterprise. If you want to know more about the technology of the cooling tower, then call us. We will answer all the questions and give valuable advice.

Cooling tower technology is a proven, reliable method of quality cooling of water.

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