Module fan cooling tower - VORTEX (- ܻ)

Cooling tower of - VORTEX Series

Module fan cooling tower of - VORTEX Series belongs to cooling towers of counter-flow type, it means that air is taken in at the bottom through the air intake window and the heated air after heat exchange with the water exits through the fan installation on the roof of the tower. This design promotes more equal distribution of air, increase the aerodynamics of the air flow and as a consequence it increases the cooling ability of the cooling tower.

The cooling towers of 3 typical sizes of section belong to this series: 24 24 dm; 24 dm; 27 27 dm, and names accordingly: Ö 27.44 VORTEX, 27.47 VORTEX, 27.77 VORTEX. Each of these models may consist of one detached section or be interlocked in 2 section cooling tower (Fig.1).


                            (Fig. 1. 2- section cooling tower of - VORTEX Series)


At that the index 2 is indicated in the title the modular fan cooling tower. For example, 2 27.44. VORTEX  is 2-section modular fan cooling tower with section size 24 24 dm (the total size of the cooling tower is 24 48 dm), or   27.47  VORTEX is 2-section modular fan cooling tower with section size 24 27 dm (the total size of the cooling tower is 24 54 dm).

Each of the two sections of the modular cooling tower is self-sustainable with individual fan installation that provides the possibility of varying of the hydraulic load in the range 40 ÷ 100% power and the possibility of saving energy by changing the number of operating fans.

The cooling towers of VORTEX series are supplied in assembled form of separate mounting blocks and that excludes the costs for the installation and greatly reduces the amount and period of construction works. The size of cooling tower is unified, allowing to transport the assembled cooling tower in two mounting blocks by standard long vehicle  (Fig.2).



                         (Fig. 2 Transportation of cooling tower of VORTEX series)


The module cooling towers VORTEX have compact size and capacity of50-200 m3/hour and are specially designed for operation on enterprises of small and medium sizes, especially this model is in demand in the food industry for cooling of  vacuum evaporators.

The module fan cooling towers of VORTEX series can be installed directly on concrete pools (new or existing) or supplied with GRP pallet (Fig.3). Water-collecting pallet (additional option) provides the possibility to install the tower on the overpass, the roof of the building, as well as in the case, when underground storage tank or reservoirs are used for collecting cooled water. The design of the pallet is developed so that the water does not remain there that reduces the load on the slab, on which a cooling tower is installed. The water is drained from the pallet by gravity flow.




                  (Fig. 3. Installation of cooling tower  of VORTEX series on the overpass)



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