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Design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of energy-saving cooling towers and components for cooling towers. Engineering of water recycling systems.

Liabilities of PJSC BROTEP-ECO:

continuous expansion of the product range with the latest developments for use in all climates and operating conditions.
providing consumers integrated solution of the question of circulation water supply system.
minimization of costs for Consumers in maximizing of the satisfaction of a wand.
increase of level of consumers information richness on water recycling systems.

declarations, certificates

Dear Sirs!
We express You our respect.
If words cooling tower do not cause a surprise, it would be useful to read through this letter to an end.
BROTEP Company, a leading manufacturer of cooling towers in Ukraine, is looking for a reliable Partner for the purpose of mutually beneficial cooperation. Our main goal is to provide top-quality products for a reasonable price.
Cooling towers of BROTEP brand gained prominence in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Moldova. We believe our equipment will be interesting for your market as well.
We do not use marketing cliché trying emphasizing the uniqueness of our equipment. Fundamentally, it is not different from the products of Polish or other European manufacturers. Manufacturing of cooling towers does not require nanotechnology. Basically, it is a large box for efficient heat dissipation. The real know-how is the capability of infill - components and devices cooling tower is consisted of.
To ensure customer confidence in the quality of our products, BROTEP uses only components from leading suppliers:
Nevertheless, the best components do not always guarantee both a proper thermal performance and an optimum value. Moreover, we can state that each project is unique on its own and requires an understanding of the technological process for the optimal cooling selection. 
That is the reason why BROTEP Company has become a corporate member of CTI organization (Cooling Technology Institute, Houston, USA) in 2006. CTIs codes, technical papers, software support and participation in workshops allow us continuously improve knowledge of cooling process and to be on the cutting edge of technological improvements. Having own test benches makes possible the simulation of cooling process and implementation of test results into commercial products.
Gained knowledge and 30 year of experience allow to provide our Partners with the most advanced and cost-effective solutions. However, today Customers' demands are continuously increasing. Therefore, manufacturing of high-quality and reliable product for a competitive price cannot be the key to success. More and more attention is paid to the service support of products.

-    filling by Brentwood Industries,  GEA 2H Plast and etc.;
-    fans by Multi-Wing, Ilmed and etc.;
-    motors by ABB, Siemens and etc.
Trying to meet todays requirements, our company provides 3 years warranty for a cooling tower and 5 years warranty for a mechanical equipment of cooling towers.
Since Ukraine is not the safest place on Earth, and the financial condition of the country is questionable, BROTEP Company is trying to minimize Customers risks and provides adequate payment terms - letter of credit and delay in payment.
BROTEP has established relationships with a large number of companies, which can make delivery, assembling, supervising and erection of cooling towers.
We believe that together we can achieve success and make some supplies in the near future. Meanwhile, considering that better to see once than to hear many times, we invite you to visit our company and get to know the standards of our work.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our company. We hope you are open for cooperation.
In order to evaluate our products, we are ready to provide you with an alternative offer for the current project or project that recently has been implemented.

mail - info@brotep.com.ua  brotep@ukr.net

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