Block fan cooling tower -40 PRIMA


/-250 OPTIMAL - name of the cooling tower up to 2011/ 

Block fan cooling tower -40, 2-40 PRIMA are protected with patent and trade mark.

The cooling towers are designed for cooling water in the circulation water systems of compressor stations, air conditioning units, refrigeration units and other heat exchange equipment, in which heat must be deflected with the help of cooling water.

Efficient cooling of circulating water is guaranteed even under the most unfavorable external conditions due  to the usage of the latest developments of world level in cooling towers of BROTEP production.

Technical characteristics

Or. No. Parameter name Parameter value-40 "PRIMA"
1 The hydraulic load (water flow), m3 / hour - minimal 50
- nominal 150÷200
- maximal 250
2 Water pressure at the cooling tower input, MCE (kgf/cm2) 2 ÷ 5 (0,2 ÷ 0,5)
3 Temperature difference ∆ t, 5 ÷ 20
4 Thermal load at υ=30, t=20, φ=40%, Megacalories/h (kW) ~2500 (~3000)
5 Droplet entrainment, % Not more than 0,01
6 Diameter of the fan, mm 2400
7 Consumed power of electromotor, kW 8 / 1,4
8 Rotation rate, rpm 485 / 241
9 Noise level at a distance of 10 m, Db Not more than 70
10 Dimension Sizes (length x wide x height), mm 4000(4800) 3400 4425
11 Allowable temperature of the water at the cooling tower input, Not more than 65
12 Branch pipe of water supply ( D1 ), mm 2 150
13 Weight without water, kg Not more than 3500
14 Working mass, kg Not more than 5000
υ - the air temperature according to air dry bulb thermometer; t - the air temperature according to air wet bulb thermometer;
φ - relative humidity of air.

The principle of operation

cooling towerThe heated water is supplied thorough water distribution system to the nozzles, which spray it evenly over the surface of the irrigator.

After that water is going downwards and is cooled by cross air flow that is created by a fan, and goes directly to the tank (reservoir  of cooled water).

Drops of water, which are carried away by the flow of air, are collected by water catchers and also go downwards.

Construction peculiarities

The carrying system of block cooling tower is made of metal framework. All interior and exterior metal frameworks of the cooling towers are treated with special high efficient anti-corrosion coating.  The covering is made of profile galvanized sheets with a polymeric covering or PVC of sheets, which are fasted to a steel framework.

The cooling tower is installed on a pre-prepared pool or attached to already existing one.

The fan installation (one and two installations accordingly), which provides air flow, is situated at the top part of block cooling tower. The fan installation consists of 2-speed electromotor, an impeller with plastic blades and a diffuser.

Usage of 2-speed electromotor allows to operate the block cooling tower with reduced speed (and power) at decline of air temperature.

Polymer irrigator provides high water cooling effect at low aerodynamic resistance, cannot be contaminated, is resistant to low air temperatures.

The tower supplied in ready-to-operate unassembled form by road transport.

At the request of the Customer, the cooling tower is equipped with control and monitor system, which provides manual and automatic turn on/off, and switches operating speed of the fan electromotor depending on the temperature of the cooled  water and ambient air.

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