Block fan cooling tower 2-42 MAXI


/-600 MAXI 1 - name of the cooling tower up to 2011/


Block fan cooling towers 2-42 MAXI are protected with patent and trade mark.

Efficient cooling of circulating water is guaranteed even under the most unfavorable external conditions due to the usage of the latest developments of world level in cooling towers of BROTEP production.

Name of parameter Measuring unit Value
Operation conditions
Performance on water m3/hour 150-600
Type of irrigator
Combined(Film + net layer)
Temperature of incoming water Not more than 65
Temperature of cooled water t* + (4÷6)
Temperature difference, Δt 5÷20
Thermal load at Δt=10 kW 1750 ÷ 6 980
Droplet entrainment % ≤0,01
Pressure in water distribution system CE 3-5
Standard of thermal calculation
Cooling tower construction
Type of the cooling tower
contra-flow exhaust
Number of sections pcs. 2
Arrangement of sections
Dimensions of cooling tower (width, length) m 8,44,2
Dimensions of section (width, length) m 4,24,2
Total height of cooling tower m 5,75
Height of water distribution system m 2,80
Height of air inlet windows m 1,07
Height of diffuser m 0,60
Number of clamping shoulders of water inlet, D mm 4x150
Irrigation area m2 35
Fan installation
Number o fans pcs 2
Brand of electromotor
Type of connection between motor and fan
direct drive
Fan diameter mm 2400
Material for blades
Rotation rate rpm 485
Noise level (10 meters from cooling tower) dB 65
Parameters of electromotor V/Hz/F 380/50/3
Nominal power of electromotor kW 9(13)
Electromotor protection
Insulation class
t* - the air temperature according to air wet bulb thermometer.

Block fan cooling tower 2-42 MAXIThe frame of block cooling tower is made of metal framework, mounted at the installation site.

The roof of this cooling tower consists of four segments, which are made fiberglass of reinforced polyester and installed at an angle, thus forming the confuser.

The confuser at the top part of the cooling tower furthers the improvement of air flow aerodynamics, prevents the formation of air blanketing and thereby increases the cooling capacity of the cooling tower as a whole. The use of fiberglass reinforced polyester in the roof structure guarantees high corrosion resistance.

The fan installation with diffuser, impeller and the electromotor is mounted directly on the supporting frame, made of galvanized steel. To ensure optimal operation mode of the electromotor and the fan installation, depending on the atmospheric parameters and the cooled water temperature, the cooling tower is equipped with a control and monitor system with frequency-regulated drive, which significantly reduces the power consumption.

The cooling towers are installed on a pre-prepared pool or attached to already existing one. The time of installation of the cooling tower 2-42 on the prepared pool is 4 ÷ 7 days. The covering is made of profile galvanized sheets with a polymeric covering or PVC of sheets.

Polymer irrigator provides high water cooling effect at low aerodynamic resistance, cannot be contaminated, is resistant to low air temperatures.

The tower in ready-to-operate unassembled (separate mounting units) form by road transport.

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