Magnetic filters - clarifiers PURPOSE. Magnetic filters - clarifiers (hereinafter MFC) are designed for cleaning water in water supply and heating systems to remove insoluble impurities, which are magnetic particles (corrosion products), as well as particles of sand, clay, scale, organics, which came from a natural source or formed as a result of the use of water in the technological process.

These devices can significantly reduce the mud load on boiling and heat exchange equipment, automation, instrumentation, pumps and so on and as a result allows to exploit them most effectively.

MFC are set in direct flow water supply systems and in circulation loop to protect boiler units, heat exchangers, pumps, sensors, instrumentation, heat networks. It can be assembled both in new and existing systems.

They do not require regeneration, energy costs, and chemical reagents. They are completely harmless to health and the environment.



1 mud collector;

2 body frame of the clarifier;

3 inlet fitting;

4 magnet system;

5 settling chamber;

6 baffles;

7 - filter

MFC works as follows: water through inlet fitting 3 gets into the body frame of the clarifier 2, where speed movement of water is rapidly declined and large particles under gravity are deposited on the bottom of mud collector 1. The small low-magnetic particles are magnetized, attracted; they become larger, settle under gravity or collected in the magnetic system under the influence of the field of magnet system 4. The presence of a few baffles 6 in the settling chamber 5 provides a sharp change in the direction of flow; the particles of mud hit the baffles as a result of inertial motion, lose their speed and accumulate on the surface. They "slide "on the bottom of the mud collector 1 under the influence of gravitational forces. Big light particles (p <1.0 g / cm3) are retained on the filter surface 7.

Enterprise Water Quality Index Before OM, Mg/l After OM, Mg/l Efficiency, 5%
Rivnekhlib Bakery plant No. 1 Total Iron Suspended substances 0,7 0,02 0,3 0,01 57 50
Bereznefarfor Rivne region Total Iron
4,0 1,4 65
Confectionary Zhytomyrski Lasoshi Total Iron
14,0 6,6 53
Yantar (Korosten city, Zhytomyr region) Suspended substances 1,31 0, 47 64
Korestensky farfor (Zhytomyr region) Suspended substances 8,00 2,50 69

ClarifierThe advantage of MFC is a combination of the most important technical characteristics: high performance on cleaning of system water, high performance, low flow resistance, long operating cycle.

High efficiency is maintained throughout the period of exploitation, while the effectiveness of traditional filters is reduced to almost zero after 2-3 days after the start of heating system.


The scheme of mfc settings in water recycling system

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