Expert examination of concrete structures for water cooling cycle

Scientific and production enterprise MISTIM

Regional testing centre BM-TEST is one of the main units of the Scientific and production enterprise MISTIM.
- The independent, modern laboratory, equipped with European laboratory equipment, has qualified prospective staff and recognition in sphere of product certification, process control of production in the construction industry.

The testing center supports the implemented quality system according to the requirements of GOST () ISO / IEC 17025 with regard to the requirements of GOST ISO 9001 and area of activities.

Main activities:

  • testing of product samples for compliance with the requirements of normative documents in force in Ukraine;
  • certification testing of domestic and imported products of the construction industry;
  • laboratory supporting of construction objects;
  • selection of concrete, solutions and building products with specified quality indicators;
  • non-destructive strength testing of concrete and other construction materials through the use of multiple methods (ultrasonic, shock pulse, pull), that provides the obtainment of real indicators of concrete structures strength;
  • expert assessment of the strength of concrete structures by drilling-out core samples from the construction and further testing.

The specialists of Scientific and production enterprise MISTIM establish the compliance with the requirements of normative documents and real quality indicators: ceramic brick, sand-lime brick, roof tiles, ceramic tiles, foam-concrete blocks, paving and facade tiles, wood products, swimming pools, concrete monuments, fountains, small architectural forms and products, wall vibrocompressed blocks and stones, concrete fences, paving stone, facing slabs and other products of natural stone, dry construction mixes, polystyrene foam plates, polyvinylchloride, wooden, aluminum windows and doors, PVC profiles, glass units, stained glass, metal roof tiles, metal sheets, lacs, paints and other products.

The test center BM-TEST is accredited by the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine (certificate of accreditation NAAU No. 2873 from 19.12.2011) for technical competence and independence in testing of construction materials, products and constructions as of the indexes of external view, geometrical parameters, physical and chemical, physical and mechanical as well as performance properties.

Main awards

The order  - Star of Ukraine Economy. I class. (2008)
Diploma - Leader of industry (2008)
Diploma - For the introduction of modern construction technologies on the Ukrainian market
Diploma - For the introduction of advanced technologies in the industry of construction materials
Diploma - Company of the year (2010). 
Letter of commendation from Research and development establishment of building materials and products - For the fruitful cooperation in the development of production of modern construction materials;
Certificates and awards - for professional contribution and development of the construction industry of Ukraine.

Main objects

Construction of a residential complex of American firm ABB in  Khmelnitskyi city;  the building of the German Embassy in Kiev, business centers in Kyiv city; Coca-Cola plant in village Bolshaya Dymirka; shopping malls Epicenter, Mega Max, Billa; concrete money vaults and safes of the banks of Ukraine in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mykolaiiv, Khmelnitskyi; engineering building Krymavtogaz; factory for making Chips in Vyshgorod; reconstruction of the squares in Kyiv city, the underpass of the station of Kyiv- pass, hotel Tealtralnaya,  the construction of Obolon hypermarket Metropolis; the shopping center Kyiv Market in Kyiv city; logistics complex of LLC Evrobeton; stadium Shakhtar in Donetsk city restaurants of McDonald's company, Kyiv city; administration and industrial buildings  of Energoprom in Brovary city; 38-storey skyscraper building 10- in  housing estate Poznyaki; reconstruction of the 86-meter  cooling tower TPP-6, Kyiv city, fiber-reinforced concrete floor, floor  of logistics center  of Customs service of Ukraine in Kyiv city; reconstruction of NSC "Olimpiyskiy", the construction of high-rise hotel complex Hilton, the building of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine; US Embassy in Kyiv city, the hotel complex Star  of Bukovel in Polyanitsa, monolithic residential houses in the cities of Ukraine including in most regional centers  and in Kyiv capital city.

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