Cooling tower calculation

Cooling tower calculationThe cooling tower is a device that is designed to cool large volumes of service water. It is used in systems of recycling water supply for its effective cooling at various thermal power plants. Also it is essential to use the cooling towers at industrial facilities for cooling of technological equipment of various types. Today, there are different kinds of cooling towers, which have different principle of work and design. The choice of a particular type is made depending on the technological requirements. It is quite often necessary to calculate the cooling tower, in order to determine the effectiveness of the device.

The calculations of the cooling tower are quite complex calculations, under which you should consider many factors and indicators.

Professional calculation of the cooling tower is carried out by experts of our company.

The calculations of the cooling tower must be made by professionals exceptionally. And only in this case it is possible to rely on the results of the calculations. The experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the calculation, installation and maintenance of cooling towers work in BROTEP-ECO. Therefore, you can always ask us for advice on choosing the best type of device for you; learn about the technical features of the model.

The use of the cooling tower helps to cool service water, which is needed in the industry, in areas where there is no possibility to use natural sources (lakes, ponds) for cooling. And the calculation of the cooling tower will help to use the device with maximum efficiency and economic feasibility.

Do you need the precise and rapid calculation of the cooling tower? Then please contact us.

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