Which tower to buy?

Cooling power, purchaseA cooling tower is a structure intended for prompt cooling of large water bodies. Cooling towers are required in quite different enterprises, including such of metallurgy, machinery, aviation, food, and chemical industries. Cooling towers would also be useful for heat and nuclear power plants.  A cooling tower may ensure efficient cooling for process units of various types. More frequently, water from the nearby water basins is utilized as the cooling water for industrial needs.  A Cooling power, purchase of which as an alternative would be useful, enables to avoid pollution of lakes, ponds, rivers, and, of course, ground waters.

There are several types of cooling towers. They differ in the structural features, type of equipment used and way of operation. Mechanical-draft tower is considered the most demandable today. It is more preferable to buy such tower due to its high efficiency. The tower may have different dimensions and performance. The greater the capacity of the tower, the greater amount of water it can cool down to necessary temperature for a specific period of time. For enterprises with low demand for a cooling liquid, it would suffice to buy a small-size tower featuring compactness. In some cases, it is very suitable. For enterprises, where the cooler is required in considerable amounts, cell-type, skid-mounted and modular cooling towers will be more suitable. In such cases it is more reasonable to purchase a cooling tower of great capacity and cooling ability.

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