The cooling towers are designed for cooling water in the circulation water systems of compressor stations, air conditioning units, refrigeration units and other heat exchange equipment, in which heat must be deflected with the help of cooling water.

Efficient cooling of circulating water is guaranteed even under the most unfavorable external conditions due to the usage of the latest developments of world level in cooling towers of BROTEP production.

These cooling towers may be interblocked in 2, 3, 4 sections.

Technical characteristics

Or. No. Parameter name Parameter value
1 The hydraulic load (water flow), m³/hour - minimal 500
- nominal 700÷900
- maximal 1100
2 Water pressure at the cooling tower input, MCE (kgf/cm2) 2÷5(0,2÷0,5)
3 Temperature difference ∆ t, 8÷20
4 Thermal load at υ=30, t=20, φ=40%, Megacalories/h (kW) ~11 000 (~13 000)
5 Droplet entrainment, % Not more than 0,01
6 Diameter of the fan, mm 4877
7 Consumed power of electromotor, kW 37(40; 45)
8 Dimension Sizes (length x wide x height), mm 7840 7840 7800
9 Allowable temperature of the water at the cooling tower input, Not more than 65
10 Branch pipe of water supply ( D1 ), mm 400
11 Weight without water, kg Not more than 17 000
υ - the air temperature according to air dry bulb thermometer; t - the air temperature according to air wet bulb thermometer;
φ - relative humidity of air.

The principle of operation

COOLING TOWER -50-64The cooling towers operate on the principle of counter-flow of water and air flow. Air enters through the inlet windows, which are located at the bottom of the tower, goes through the irrigator towards the water flow, and is discharged at high speed into the atmosphere.

The equipment manufactured by JSC Brotep EKO effectively cools large volumes of water due to high cooling capacity. The modular system allows to provide the required cooling parameters by installation of separate section or multi-section layout of cooling equipment taking into account the available space.

The cooling towers are characterized by optimal cooling efficiency and reliable performance and due to the original design solutions provide following functional advantages:

  • the frame of the cooling tower is made of fiberglass reinforced polyester and partly of stainless and galvanized steel. The structure of the fiberglass reinforced polyester consists of a reinforcing material (glass) embedded in a polymer base (plastic), that allows to achieve maximum design efficiency. Technology of fiberglass reinforced polyester combines all the best characteristics of plastic and has a high strength-to-weight ratio, exceeding even the same indicator of steel materials.
  • The covering made of fiberglass reinforced polyester.
  • The possibility of using motors with direct drive and geared motors with frequency regulation.
  • Irrigator, water distribution system and the type of nozzles can be adapted for the specifics of the operating circulating cycle to ensure the highest possible water contact with the air.
  • The design of the louvers allows to reduce turbulence of the incoming air at air inlet and to reduce water losses associated with water splashing.
  • At the request of the Customer, a fiberglass reservoir for collecting cooled water may be included to the delivery set.

JSC Brotep EKO offers a standard solution for water cooling, which corresponds with the circulating water systems with any circulating water consumption rate. However, if necessary, the engineers of our company can make the necessary changes so that the offered tower would fully comply with the peculiarities of operating circulating cycle.

JSC Brotep EKO produces cooling towers with a long lifetime and minimal maintenance requirements. This is possible through the use of high-performance materials: fiberglass reinforced polyester, stainless steel and plastic; and due to thoughtful design solutions of qualified engineers of our company. As a result, the Customer receives the energy-efficient cooling tower that provides an excellent working performance and trouble-free operation.

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