Blocks BORE

Blocks BORE

The irrigator is designed for use in fan and chimney-type cooling towers with circulating water system to increase the water cooling effect. It is one of the main technological elements of the cooling tower, on the surface of which the water contacts with air and is being cooled.

Technical characteristic of irrigator

1. Dimension sizes of the block, mm 1200x450x450 (1200x450x160;1200x450x110)
1000x450x450 (1000x450x160;1000x450x110)
2. Irrigation density range, m³/m²hour 5÷20
3. Operation temperature range, -40 ÷ +40
4. Area of heat transfer, m²/ m³ 48
5. Specific weight, kg/m³ 30

Height of irrigator, m , I/m m x . .1/m K.10³ m² hour/kg
1 0,971 0,36 11,44 0,393
1,5 0,6786 0,36 11,44 0,393

The irrigators made of lattice prism are drip-film type cooling devices of cooling towers, in which the surface of cooled water consists of films and drops approximately in the same proportion.

According to cooling capacity and manufacturability, material consumption and ease of assembling, the irrigators made of lattice prism belong to the best domestic structures and can compete with polymer elements for cooling towers of foreign firms.

The elements of the irrigator are supplied to consumers in packages and are put in 2 layers (perpendicular to each other) on the pre-installed support.

The irrigators made of lattice prism are used in cases of concentration of fats, resins, petroleum products up to 25 mg/l and solids to 50 mg/L in water.

Blocks BORE Blocks BORE


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